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Charging at home

Most people charge their electric vehicle at home overnight. Do you have a driveway or garage? Then the cheapest and easiest way to charge up is to install a dedicated charge point.

While you can use a regular three-pin socket, it’s much slower and may involve running a charging cable from inside your home. Extension cables should not be used for safety reasons.

Electric charging plug illustration

£££ help with installation

The good news is the government will pay 75% of the cost of installing an off-street charge point at home up to £350. And if you have two EVs, you can apply for grants for two chargers.

You can charge your car at home in just a few hours. The batteries in EVs are designed to hold their charge for a long time so, if you don’t use your car for a while, it won’t need topping up before you set off.

Change your energy tariff

You can keep charging costs down by shopping around for the right energy tariff to meet your needs.

It’s worth finding out if you can switch to an off-peak tariff – charging overnight can be as low as 5p per kWh, compared to an average daytime price of around 17p per kWh. And some energy companies offer discounts for EV owners.

The Energy Saving Trust has further advice about choosing the best energy tariff, plus much more on charging your electric vehicle.

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