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Charging into the future

Helping drivers switch on to electric

The UK plans to phase out the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030. That’s a big change for drivers, and we’re committed to help people make the switch to electric.

We want people who need to drive in Greater Manchester to buy an electric vehicle with confidence, knowing that they can recharge it quickly and easily. And we’ve got a plan to get there: Greater Manchester’s new Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Strategy.

It’s part of the city-region’s Transport Strategy 2040, creating an integrated, affordable, easy to use and sustainable transport system, covering public transport, cycling and walking, and EV. The vision outlined in the 2040 strategy is for Greater Manchester to have "world-class connections that support long-term, sustainable economic growth and access to opportunity for all". The four key objectives of the vision are to:

Support economic growth

Protect our environment

Improve everyone's quality of life

Embrace new technology

Our plans for EV also support the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan, which aims to clean up the air we all breathe. 

A new investment-led plan is being developed with government. If approved, it would see more zero-emission buses and a Clean Taxi fund to help GM-licensed taxis and private hire to upgrade to cleaner vehicles. 

Together, we’ll make it easier to travel across our region, reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and enjoy a cleaner, more sustainable and joined-up transport system. 

The charging challenge

Timeline of charger numbers in Manchester from 360 now to 3000 in 2025 and beyond

Demand for EV charging is growing. But the number of public EV charging points isn’t keeping up with demand. Today, there are around 360 publicly available EV chargers in Greater Manchester with approximately 700 connectors. By 2025, we think this needs to grow to 2,700 fast and 300 rapid chargers.

So in the short term, Greater Manchester has plans to invest public money in expanding the charging network. And as more commercial operators step up their networks, we’ll scale back that investment.

To see the latest map of all publicly available charging points in Greater Manchester, visit our Chargers everywhere page.

What's next?

To start, we want to help people and businesses who’ll find it hardest to switch to EV. That includes the taxi and private hire trade, local businesses, and people who can’t charge their vehicle at home.

We’re already busy installing 24 new Be.EV rapid chargers, with the last of these due to be switched on by autumn 2022. Next, we’ll be installing 60 charging points for use only by taxi and private hire drivers.

In autumn 2021 we launched an EV car club, plus eCargo bike hire, as part of an eHUBS pilot. We’re also planning to trial community charger hubs in areas where charging at home is difficult or where there’s demand for electric van charging. If these goes well, we’ll roll them out across Greater Manchester to make sure more people can go electric.

60 rapid chargers for taxi and private hire use only

Electric car club where members can rent an EV by the hour

Charger hubs serving local communities and businesses

Get involved

We'd like your help in deciding where to put new EV chargers in the future

Whether you’re a business looking to upgrade to an electric van but have nowhere to charge it, or you live in a house or flat without a drive and can't charge an EV at home, simply drop a pin in the map below to suggest a location. We’ll use the map for long-term planning and to help with our bids to government for charging point funding.

So, get pinning!

And if someone has already suggested a charging point within a stone's throw of where you'd like one, simply tap or click on it to give it a vote.

Map instructions

The map shows suggested charging points across Greater Manchester.

Keyboard users

To search: Tab to the search box for ‘search for a postcode or the name of your area’. Start typing to reveal suggested entries. You can select these with the arrow key and confirm with the enter key to re-zoom the map.

Once the first charging point is tabbed to use the arrow keys to navigate to each data point in turn. Press the tab key again to tab away from the data points.

Mouse/smartphone users

To search: Select the search box in ‘search for a postcode or the name of your area’. Start typing to reveal suggested entries. You can select these with mouse to re-zoom the map.

Navigating the map: Use the +/- buttons to zoom in and out, click and drag to move around the map. Select a pin with a click or tap to bring up information.

Tap and drag with 2 fingers to move around the map. Pinch or open your fingers to zoom in and out. Select a pin by tapping on them.

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