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Man and woman charging an electric car

Chargers everywhere

Charging up an EV is easier than ever. Whether you’re at home or on the move, there are plenty of options.

Charging on the move

With more than 40,000 public charge point connectors across the UK, you’re never far from your next charge

For most day-to-day journeys you won’t need to charge up on the move. But if you’re travelling longer distances or just need a top-up, you’re never far from a charging point.

You’ll find them on local streets, in car parks and in filling stations. It’s easy to plan longer journeys, with rapid chargers available at all major motorway service stations.

In Greater Manchester alone there are 360 charge points with around 700 connectors. Find all charge points in the UK and get live updates on availability on the interactive map below.

The Be.EV network

Greater Manchester's publicly owned charging points are included in the Be.EV network.

This map shows all the Be.EV charging points in Greater Manchester.

Suggest a charging point location

We'd like your help in deciding where to put new public EV chargers in the future

Whether you’re a business looking to upgrade to an electric van but have nowhere to charge it, or you live in a house without a drive and need to park on the street, simply drop a pin in the map below to suggest a location. We’ll use the map for long-term planning and to help with our bids to government for charging point funding.

So, get pinning!

And if someone has already suggested a charging point within a stone's throw of where you'd like one, simply tap or click on it to give it a vote.

Map instructions

The map shows suggested charging points across Greater Manchester.

Keyboard users

To search: Tab to the search box for ‘search for a postcode or the name of your area’. Start typing to reveal suggested entries. You can select these with the arrow key and confirm with the enter key to re-zoom the map.

Once the first charging point is tabbed to use the arrow keys to navigate to each data point in turn. Press the tab key again to tab away from the data points.

Mouse/smartphone users

To search: Select the search box in ‘search for a postcode or the name of your area’. Start typing to reveal suggested entries. You can select these with mouse to re-zoom the map.

Navigating the map: Use the +/- buttons to zoom in and out, click and drag to move around the map. Select a pin with a click or tap to bring up information.

Tap and drag with 2 fingers to move around the map. Pinch or open your fingers to zoom in and out. Select a pin by tapping on them.

Charging at home

With a home charging point, you can charge up for a fraction of the cost of filling up with petrol or diesel.

The government will pay 75% of the cost of charge point installation up to £350, and choosing the right energy tariff can save you even more money.

Find out if going electric is right for you

Whether you drive a van, a private hire vehicle, a black cab, a car or manage a fleet, there’s an EV for you. See how the finances stack up, savings you could make, and a whole load of other benefits.

Taking charge

If you need more information before you make the decision to go EV there’s plenty of help and advice online. We recommend you check out:

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